Webinar Training Courses For Committees

Sports Community provide training and knowledge, both in person and online, to clubs and their volunteers.

They do this by:

  • Website and social media how-to articles
  • Checklists, templates and worksheets for common club activities
  • Sharing resources via our social media and digital newsletter
  • Digital training programs including online videos, eBooks and webinars

Sports Community’s vision is to help build thriving local communities. They want to assist sports clubs by giving club volunteers the extensive knowledge and training they need. Above all, Sports Community want them to achieve amazing results, on and off the field.

They passionately believe healthy local sports clubs play a vital role within all local and regional communities. So, Sports Community enthusiastically work with volunteers Australia-wide to help them achieve their objectives.

They do everything from walking you through the process of obtaining grants funding to giving you details about the best kind of trivia night to hold. Sports Community is here to provide expert advice on how to make your club consistently and sustainably successful.

If you have any questions about any of the services Sports Community provide, please send them an email at [email protected] for more information and assistance.

Women in Sport Leadership program

Female recurve archer shooting bow

The NSWRL is offering NSW sporting organisations the opportunity to participate in a proven professional development program, Women in Sport Leadership, which is aimed at women in coaching and administration roles.

This innovative professional development program is being offered in conjunction with UNE Partnerships, the registered training organisation of the University of New England (UNE). Developed in consultation with senior players and coaches and the NSWRL, the program recognises the barriers which women face in achieving leadership roles across elite sports and offers an innovative training initiative to support the career development of these women.

The 2022 program has received NSW Government funding with a Her Sport Her Way grant enabling the NSWRL to offer other NSW sporting organisations a $2500 scholarship for participants at no cost to the organisation or participant. Enrolment is capped at 20 participants.

The program will be run on-line over 20 weeks from 1 September 2022 to 16 January 2023, and includes four face-to-face workshops at the NSWRL’s Centre of Excellence at Sydney Olympic Park.

Participants will complete two Diploma and Certificate-level modules, BSBPEF502 Develop emotional intelligence, and BSBXCM401 Apply communication strategies in the workplace. These units will give them credit towards entry to a Diploma or Certificate IV in Leadership and Management should they wish to pursue further studies.

To register in the program, please contact Tracie Edmondson at [email protected] by 22 August 2022.


2022 State Indoor Championship Results

Congratulations to all the archers who participated in the State Indoor Championships. 

Click here to download the results. 

National Team Medals

NSW Came 3rd in the Open Compound Team on 3470 points, very close competition with SQLD 2nd place on 3531 and SA 1st place scoring 3535 – Sun Ken (Kai), Garry Robinson, Katrina Robinson & Troy O’Doherty

NSW Came 2nd in the Open Recurve Team on 3287 points – Nicholas Kyriazis, Carmelo Aslanidis, Michael Barnett & Sylvana Giuffre

NSW are the National Youth Compound Champions for 2022 team made up of:

Alyssa Mollema U21 / Josie Hatch U18 / Kye Lockyer U16 & Holly Parker U14 on 3430 points

NSW are the National Youth Recurve Champions for 2022 team made up of: 3050 points

Brenden Tse U21 / Jamie Hatch 18 / Yifan Liao U16 / Lily Casparini U14 &

2022 Indoor Championships State Teams

It is our pleasure to announce the RGB teams as follows for the 2022 National Indoor Championships.

RGB Team members were selected based on RGB Indoor Rankings @ 5th July.

RGB Senior Compound Team

  • Ken (Kai) Sun – Northern Archers
  • Garry Robinson – SOPA
  • Troy O’Doherty – Sawtell
  • Katrina Robinson – SOPA

A team of four must include no more than 75% of one gender

RGB Senior Recurve Team

  • Nicholas Kyriazis – Northern
  • Carmelo Aslanidis – Warringah
  • Michael Barnett – Northern
  • Sylvana Giuffre – Northern

A team of four must include no more than 75% of one gender

RGB Youth Compound Team

  • Alyssa Mollema – U/21 – Warringah
  • Josie Hatch – U/18 – Armidale
  • Holly Parker – U/16 – Coast
  • Kye Lockyer – U/14 – Sawtell

The combination in the team can include only 1 x Cub, 1 x Intermediate, 1 x Cadet and 1 x U/20 as per handbook, however, due to the above rule age groups have changed in archer’s diary.

RGB Youth Recurve Team

  • Jamie Hatch – U/21 – Armidale
  • Branden Tse – U/18 – SOPA
  • Lily Gasparini – U/16 – Northern
  • Yifan Liao – U/14 – Northern

The combination in the team can include only 1 x Cub, 1 x Intermediate, 1 x Cadet and 1 x U/20 as per handbook, however, due to the above rule age groups have changed in archer’s diary


Elite Classifications for 2020 and 2021

We are proud to announce the Elite Awards for 2020 and 2021.

Elite Classification Target 2020


Jonathon Milne - SOPA
Giorgio Vasiliades - SOPA
Peter Marchant - SOPA


Mitchell Campbell - Penrith City Archers
Dennis Carson - Armidale
Kirk Graef - Cessnock
Alyssa Mollema - Cessnock
Katrina Robinson - SOPA
Shim Sho Tsin - SOPA
Branden Tse - SOPA
Ammrutha Vashetharan - SOPA
Marcus Yiu - SOPA
Bronze Garry Robinson - SOPA
Melissa Spinocchia - SOPA

Elite Classifications 2021

Elite Indoor Silver

Michael Fisher - Southern Highlands

Elite Field Bronze

Jeffrey Carson - Armidale
Michael Fisher - Southern Highlands

Elite Target Bronze

Connor Bateup - Coast
Darren Candra - SOPA
Dennis Carson - Armidale
Eddie Upston - SOPA
Jamie Hatch - Armidale
Jason Hurnall - Illawarra

Elite Target Silver

Ameera Christina Lee - SOPA
Giorgio Vasiliades - SOPA
Kim Lavender - SOPA
Michael Fisher - Southern Highlands
Peter Boukouvalas - SOPA
Sho Tzin Shim - SOPA

Elite Target Gold

Alyssa Mollema - Warringah
Ammrutha Vashetharan - SOPA
Branden Tse - SOPA
Jonathon Milne - SOPA
Josie Hatch - Armidale
Katrina Robinson - SOPA
Marcus joubert Yiu - SOPA
Mitchell Campbell - Penrith
Peter Marchant - SOPA

Topics of Discussion for Committee Meetings

What are you talking about in your committee meetings at your club?

Is there a clear purpose behind your discussions? Do you find that the conversation drags on with no result?

Volunteers have a limited amount of time to discuss club matters, so when a committee meeting is called, it's critical that you discuss key points impacting the club in the scarce time available. If you're wondering what the key areas of focus are for your next meeting, here are ou

  • setting the clubs goals and objectives
  • identifying volunteers to assist with specific tasks
  • reviewing plans
  • monitoring progress
  • proactively managing the resources of the club
  • continually seeking to identify, manage and minimise risks
  • communicating, communicating and communicating

Fore more information about how you should structure your meetings see our Sports Community website for loads of information, to ensure you are successful in your role!

Ross Herron Shield 2022

Ross Herron Memorial Shield

The memorial shield was first awarded in 1998 to acknowledge the best performing club.

Each time a member competes in a division within a competition event, as per the A.A. Rules. 3 points are awarded for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd places in all events registered with Archery Australia through AcheryNSW
as Tournaments, approved and listed on the NSW Calandar of events (excluding National Championship events).

Current results (From 1 January to 31 March 2022)

  • Sydney Olympic Park Archers. Points: 74
  • Liverpool City Archers. Points: 24
  • Warringah Archers. Points: 21
  • Coast Archers. Points: 19
  • Armidale Archers. Points: 13
  • Sawtell Archers. Points: 9
  • Northern Archers. Points: 8
  • Illawarra Archers. Points: 6
  • Penrith City Archers. Points: 3
  • Sydney Uni. Points: 3
  • Newcastle City Archers. Points: 1

State Field Perpetual Trophies 2022

Perpetual Trophy for Outright winners awarded to the archer who has obtained the highest score at the State Field Championships in the following disciplines from the red peg.

State Field Championships

Date: 16 & 17 April 2022

Host: Armidale Field Archers


Female Recurve: Ella-Rose Carson (Armidale Archers). Score: 618 points

Male Recurve: Nicholas Kyriazis (Northern Archers). Score: 682 points

Male Compound: Dennis Carson (Armidale Archers). Score: 780 points

Female Compound: Alyssa Mollema (Warringah Archers). Score: 708 points

2022 Oceania Challenge

A group of youth archers at a competition getting ready to shoot

The Oceania Challenge is an online tournament to engage our Member Associations in competitive shooting.It is open to members of all current financial WAO Member Associations. Members who study or work in a country other than their own may compete for their home country, as long as they hold a passport for their country or are affiliated with their country.

The competition will be shot on individual club grounds, there is no need to organise a national event. However, if it is feasible MAs may do so and use this as their national championships, if no other event has been organised.

Each host club chooses one or more suitable dates during the months of May/June 2022. Participants may compete more than once but only one result may be submitted.

For all rounds archers will shoot 5 ends of 6 arrows at each of the three distances on a 122cm face. Each end takes 4 minutes = 40 seconds per arrow.

  • Short Round (for people shooting Recurve, Compound or Barebow who have been in
    archery for 12 months or less or have never shot further than 40m):
  • Modified WA 900 Round: 30 arrows shot from each of the 40m, 30m, 20m distances on
    a 122cm target face. Also known as Junior Canberra Round.
  • Barebow Round (for everybody else shooting Barebow):
  • Barebow WA 900 Round: 30 arrows shot from each of the 50m, 40m, 30m distances on
    a 122cm target face. Also known as Short Canberra Round.
  • Long Round (for everybody else shooting Recurve and Compound):WA 900 Round: 30 arrows shot from each of the 60m, 50m, 40m distances on a 122cm
    target face. Also known as Canberra Round.

This is based on an honour system, and we expect participants to enter the round that applies for them. Clubs are expected to check that their members have enteres the correct round.


  • Under 18s (born in 2005 or later): male/female – Recurve, Compound, Barebow
  • Under 21s (born in 2002, 2003, 2004): male/female – Recurve, Compound, Barebow
  • Open (born in 2001 or earlier): male/female – Recurve, Compound, Barebow

WAO will not charge individual entrants or Member Associations, however individual clubs may charge a nominal entry fee to cover the cost of target faces.

Certificates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd
Method for registration and submission of results:

  • There is no pre-registration with WAO required.
  • Scoring can either be done electronically or on paper (scoresheet attached).
  • Individual clubs will send their results to their national federation.
  • Each MA will collate these results and record the scores on the spreadsheet that has been provided by WAO
  • After the end of June each MA will forward their scores to the WAO Secretary General to be collated to determine the placings in each category. Scores must be submitted by 5pm NZL time on Friday 15 July 2022 to be included.

If you are requiring any other assistance please contact Patsy Vercoe WAO secretary General [email protected]