Casual Vacancies Remaining

ArcheryNSW still has the following positions which remain casual vacancies: Secretary, Tournament Coordinator, Recorder, Inclusions Sports Coordinator (Disabilities) & Member Protection Information Officer.  We have a great team currently; however, it would be even better if we could disseminate the workload.  If you are willing to assist, can you please send an expression of interest to the President – [email protected].

Webinar Training Courses For Committees

Sports Community provide training and knowledge, both in person and online, to clubs and their volunteers.

They do this by:

  • Website and social media how-to articles
  • Checklists, templates and worksheets for common club activities
  • Sharing resources via our social media and digital newsletter
  • Digital training programs including online videos, eBooks and webinars

Sports Community’s vision is to help build thriving local communities. They want to assist sports clubs by giving club volunteers the extensive knowledge and training they need. Above all, Sports Community want them to achieve amazing results, on and off the field.

They passionately believe healthy local sports clubs play a vital role within all local and regional communities. So, Sports Community enthusiastically work with volunteers Australia-wide to help them achieve their objectives.

They do everything from walking you through the process of obtaining grants funding to giving you details about the best kind of trivia night to hold. Sports Community is here to provide expert advice on how to make your club consistently and sustainably successful.

If you have any questions about any of the services Sports Community provide, please send them an email at [email protected] for more information and assistance.

Ross Herron Shield 2022

Ross Herron Memorial Shield

The memorial shield was first awarded in 1998 to acknowledge the best performing club.

Each time a member competes in a division within a competition event, as per the A.A. Rules. 3 points are awarded for 1st, 2 points for 2nd, 1 point for 3rd places in all events registered with Archery Australia through AcheryNSW
as Tournaments, approved and listed on the NSW Calandar of events (excluding National Championship events).

Current results (From 1 January to 31 March 2022)

  • Sydney Olympic Park Archers. Points: 74
  • Liverpool City Archers. Points: 24
  • Warringah Archers. Points: 21
  • Coast Archers. Points: 19
  • Armidale Archers. Points: 13
  • Sawtell Archers. Points: 9
  • Northern Archers. Points: 8
  • Illawarra Archers. Points: 6
  • Penrith City Archers. Points: 3
  • Sydney Uni. Points: 3
  • Newcastle City Archers. Points: 1

State Field Perpetual Trophies 2022

Perpetual Trophy for Outright winners awarded to the archer who has obtained the highest score at the State Field Championships in the following disciplines from the red peg.

State Field Championships

Date: 16 & 17 April 2022

Host: Armidale Field Archers


Female Recurve: Ella-Rose Carson (Armidale Archers). Score: 618 points

Male Recurve: Nicholas Kyriazis (Northern Archers). Score: 682 points

Male Compound: Dennis Carson (Armidale Archers). Score: 780 points

Female Compound: Alyssa Mollema (Warringah Archers). Score: 708 points

Talent Identification Day AARDP (NSW)

Date: Sunday 13 February 2022

Location: Sydney Olympic Park Archers

A Talent Identification Day is a unique opportunity for prospective athletes to experience a full day at Archery Australia Regional Development Program (AARDP) without the commitment of a formal enrolment and without having to complete an enrolment interview.

2021 Australian Open from above (drone footage) at Sydney Olympic Park Archers

A Talent Identification Day allows athletes to spend a day with the current AARDP athletes. They can see how the other athletes interact with each other, and with coaches. In this way the reality of the program can be experienced by the athlete firsthand.

The Talent Identification athlete also gets to experience the way the coaches go about their jobs, and to see if that fits in with their own way of learning.

To attend a Talent Identification Day at AARDP you must fill out an application form. Please note that this is an application form only and not an enrolment form. An enrolment interview follows a successful trial period.

To download an application form, click here. Please send completed application form to [email protected]

$1,000 Commonwealth Games Grant For Junior Athletes

Commonwealth Games NSW is offering $1,000 grants to one female and one male athlete from each of the 22 sports and para-sports on the 2022 Commonwealth Games program (in England and India).  Archery will be a part of the India based Commonwealth Games, so we encourage all youth archers between 13-19 to apply.


About The Athlete Grant

The CGNSW Athlete Grant, first awarded in 2016, provides financial assistance for young ‘up and coming’ NSW athletes. The program targets athletes that have not received significant funding from other peak bodies, eg AIS, NSWIS, NSWOC, state or national sporting bodies or via individual sponsorships.


Nominations close 30th April, 2021. Each sport and para-sport on the upcoming Commonwealth Games program is entitled and encouraged to submit 1 x female nomination and 1 x male nomination. Such nominations can only be submitted from organisations that are currently affiliated with CGNSW.

In recognition of the outstanding contribution of past President Alex Fulcher, the CGNSW Executive shall consider from amongst all the grant recipients one athlete deserving of the Alex Fulcher Award. Such athlete shall receive an additional $1,000 grant.

The CGNSW Athlete Grant program is sustainable and ongoing. The Division will award the grants every second year.

Program Criteria

Each nomination shall comply with the following criteria:

  1. The athlete shall be minimum age of 13 years and maximum age of 19 years on the closing date of nominations.
  2. The athlete should be chosen from amongst your sport’s high performance pathway programs.
  3. All nominees must be a resident of NSW.
  4. Nominees are preferably regionally-based, however sports may present a case otherwise.
  5. Each nomination must be endorsed by the SSO senior executive and President or Head Coach.
  6. The athlete must not have received significant funding from other peak bodies (inc NSWIS, NSW Olympic Council).
  7. No athlete may receive the CGNSW Athlete Grant more than once.
  8. Maximum athlete grant of $1,000 each for one female and one male per sport and para-sport per year of the program.
  9. Only SSOs affiliated with CGNSW and which are on the upcoming Commonwealth Games sports program are eligible to submit nominations.
  10. A sport that is gender-selective can only nominate for the same gender.
  11. The decision of the Division Executive to award any nomination is final and binding, including the Alex Fulcher Award.


Regional Development Program

Looking to develop your archery? Or dreaming of representing Australia? The Archery Australia Regional Development Programs (RDP) might be for you. As a nationally focused program, it aims to provide a clear pathway for athletes who demonstrate a commitment and drive to be internationally competitive.

The RDP is the first step on the Archery Australia path to the High Performance team. Our pathway defines the journey an athlete may take towards international success.

ArcheryNSW is pleased to be involved with this program and have set dates on the 2021 Calendar for RDP Days.

For more information CLICK HERE or contact Anthony Maxworthy at [email protected]


2020 Elite Awards

Although there were very few tournaments or opportunities during 2020 to shoot the required scores for Elite status ASNSW are pleased to advise the following people have achieved Elite status.




  • Jonathon Milne (SOPA)
  • Giorgio Vasiliades (SOPA)
  • Peter Marchant (SOPA)


  • Mitchell Campbell (PCA)
  • Dennis Carson (ARM)
  • Kirk Graef (CA)
  • Alyssa Mollema (CTA)
  • Katrina Robinson (SOPA)
  • Shim Sho Tsin (SOPA)
  • Branden Tse (SOPA)
  • Ammrutha Vashetharan (SOPA)
  • Marcus Yiu (SOPA)


  • Garry Robinson (SOPA)
  • Melissa Spinocchia (SOPA)



  • Mitchell Campbell (PCA)


  • Branden Tse (SOPA)

Elite Classification Awards - Gold, Silver and Bronze

These classification awards are available for target, field, indoor and clout Archery.

In order to attain these awards, athletes must shoot specific rounds recognised and listed in Archery Australia’s classification table and/or World Archery rules during that calendar year. The rounds must be shot a minimum of three times at QREs or tournament events with all scores equalling to or higher than the required rating levels.

Rating levels are listed in Archery Australia’s rating table and Score Index software which is available online in the Archers diary.

The ANSW recorder will monitor the performance of the archers throughout the Calendar year and those who have attained Elite classification status will be recognised for their achievements at the State Presentation Night at no cost to the archer.

A full list will be published in January every year for Elite Class Levels in each discipline.