2023 Youth Series

The Youth Series is a four round competition designed to be inclusive and welcoming to youth archers of all levels and ages.
Each round is followed by a social event where youth archers can hang out, reconnect and make new friends.

Competition rounds

  1. Armidale Youth Spirit, 13 – 15 January. Details and registration.
  2. Coast Archers Youth Challenge, 26 February
  3. Kidbow, 4 November. Details and registration.
  4. Hawkeye Youth Clout, 11 November.


The events will be stand alone events whereby the actual score will count. It will be up to the club as to whether they will award medals.
For the 2023 Youth Series, only kidbow will be handicapped.
Points will be awarded to the top 20 positions, with 20 points given to 1st place, 19 points, etc.
There will be two perpetual trophies at the end of the series: 1st Place Compound and 1st place Recurve.
Take home trophies will be given to top three places in compound and recurve.
Archers will need to have a base rating to qualify for scoring in any handicapped events in the series which is based the best scores from five target rounds in Archers Diary.

Who can enter

Any financial ANSW youth member providing the minimum distance they can safely and efficiently shoot is 30 metres.

Age divisions

  • Under 12
  • Under 14
  • Under 16
  • Under 18
  • Under 21

It is designed so that the maximum distance that archers in that division have to shoot is 30 metres.
That is with the exception of clout where Compound Under 12s will shoot 100 metres and Recurve Under
12s will shoot 85 metres.

Series trophy presentation

The winners of the series will be announced at the presentation night. Trophies will be on hand for a photo shoot. The trophies will be properly presented at the ANSW presentation night with the winners names engraved. At the same time, take home trophies/plaques will be presented to the top three places.