Plaquette Awards

Archery Australia has three Plaquette levels, Gold, Silver and Bronze in recognition of Service and Contribution to the sport at National, State (RGB) and Club level. Criteria /Conditions Forms can be located here.

The Gold Plaquette Award is awarded in recognition for outstanding achievement in competitions at National level.

  • Nicole Bartlett 1995
  • Jackson Fear 1999
  • Simon Fairweather 2000
  • Terry Reilly 2000

The Silver Plaquette Award is awarded in recognition of distinguished service or contribution at State (RGB) level.

  • Heather Eichberger 1992
  • Tony Pitt-Lancaster 1993
  • Elizabeth Jennison 2001
  • Steve Jennison 2001
  • James Larven 2001

The Bronze Plaquette Award is awarded in recognition of outstanding service or achievement at Club level.

  •  Paul Gavin 1992
  • Rex Jolly 1992
  • James Larven 1994
  • Ross Herron 1995
  • Graham Wilson 1996
  • Bruce Dillon 2001
  • Peter Smith 2009

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