Life Members

Current Life Members

  • James Larven of St George Archers was made a Life Member in November 1997
  • Rex Jolly of Blacktown Archery Club was made a Life Member in August 2000
  • Bruce Dillon of St.George Archers was made a Life Member in August 2007
  • Darryl Drake of Sydney Bowmen was made a Life Member in August 2015
  • Stephen Jennison of Warringah Archers was made a Life Member in June 2022

Life Members Who Have Passed Away

  • Laurie Hellyer of Greenlees Archery Club
  • Ross Herron of Greenlees Archery Club
  • Grace Drake of Sydney Bowmen
  • Fred Gavin BEM of Illawarra Archers

How to Nominate Life Members?

From the Archery NSW Constitution:

17.1 Life Membership may be awarded to any Member who is considered to have given exceptional service to the Society over a long period.
17.2 Life Membership shall only be awarded if passed by a Special Resolution at a Special General Meeting.
17.3 A Life Member shall not be liable for Society or A.A. membership fees and will have voting rights only if representing a Club as a delegate. This will not obviate responsibility for paying appropriate Club fees.
17.4 Honorary Membership may be awarded by Ordinary Resolution for any period deemed proper to any person who is not a Member or Life Member. It does not carry with it debating or voting rights in the Society.