Judges (Officials)

The main duty of Archery Judges is helping to maintain tournament conditions where all archers are able to perform to the best of their ability, and have their scores recorded, verified, and protected.

The Archery NSW Officials Convenor coordinates the training and evaluation of National Judge Candidates in NSW, and appoints Judges to all NSW State Tournaments.

Clubs conducting their own registered tournaments or QREs, appoint appropriate Judges, either from their own membership, or by making arrangements with other appropriate Judges (the current list of NSW National Judges and Event Judges). Clubs may also ask if the Officials Convenor can arrange Judges, if needed.

Archery Australia provides online Judges’ training, oversees the accreditation of National Judges (who can verify AA or WA, registered events), and Event Judges (who can verify Qualifying and Ranking Events; and can also assist National Judges at other registered events).

  • There is always a need for more ANSW members to train as Judges. Basic information is on the AA website.
  • To become an Event Judge, the training is basically all online.
    • National Judge training can also be done online, however a course can also be conducted in person, and face-to-face training has many advantages.
    • For National Judge Candidates there is always a period of judging under supervision and evaluation, before accreditation as a National Judge.

For further information, email [email protected].