$1,000 Commonwealth Games Grant For Junior Athletes

Commonwealth Games NSW is offering $1,000 grants to one female and one male athlete from each of the 22 sports and para-sports on the 2022 Commonwealth Games program (in England and India).  Archery will be a part of the India based Commonwealth Games, so we encourage all youth archers between 13-19 to apply.


About The Athlete Grant

The CGNSW Athlete Grant, first awarded in 2016, provides financial assistance for young ‘up and coming’ NSW athletes. The program targets athletes that have not received significant funding from other peak bodies, eg AIS, NSWIS, NSWOC, state or national sporting bodies or via individual sponsorships.


Nominations close 30th April, 2021. Each sport and para-sport on the upcoming Commonwealth Games program is entitled and encouraged to submit 1 x female nomination and 1 x male nomination. Such nominations can only be submitted from organisations that are currently affiliated with CGNSW.

In recognition of the outstanding contribution of past President Alex Fulcher, the CGNSW Executive shall consider from amongst all the grant recipients one athlete deserving of the Alex Fulcher Award. Such athlete shall receive an additional $1,000 grant.

The CGNSW Athlete Grant program is sustainable and ongoing. The Division will award the grants every second year.

Program Criteria

Each nomination shall comply with the following criteria:

  1. The athlete shall be minimum age of 13 years and maximum age of 19 years on the closing date of nominations.
  2. The athlete should be chosen from amongst your sport’s high performance pathway programs.
  3. All nominees must be a resident of NSW.
  4. Nominees are preferably regionally-based, however sports may present a case otherwise.
  5. Each nomination must be endorsed by the SSO senior executive and President or Head Coach.
  6. The athlete must not have received significant funding from other peak bodies (inc NSWIS, NSW Olympic Council).
  7. No athlete may receive the CGNSW Athlete Grant more than once.
  8. Maximum athlete grant of $1,000 each for one female and one male per sport and para-sport per year of the program.
  9. Only SSOs affiliated with CGNSW and which are on the upcoming Commonwealth Games sports program are eligible to submit nominations.
  10. A sport that is gender-selective can only nominate for the same gender.
  11. The decision of the Division Executive to award any nomination is final and binding, including the Alex Fulcher Award.