2020 Elite Awards

Although there were very few tournaments or opportunities during 2020 to shoot the required scores for Elite status ASNSW are pleased to advise the following people have achieved Elite status.




  • Jonathon Milne (SOPA)
  • Giorgio Vasiliades (SOPA)
  • Peter Marchant (SOPA)


  • Mitchell Campbell (PCA)
  • Dennis Carson (ARM)
  • Kirk Graef (CA)
  • Alyssa Mollema (CTA)
  • Katrina Robinson (SOPA)
  • Shim Sho Tsin (SOPA)
  • Branden Tse (SOPA)
  • Ammrutha Vashetharan (SOPA)
  • Marcus Yiu (SOPA)


  • Garry Robinson (SOPA)
  • Melissa Spinocchia (SOPA)



  • Mitchell Campbell (PCA)


  • Branden Tse (SOPA)

Elite Classification Awards - Gold, Silver and Bronze

These classification awards are available for target, field, indoor and clout Archery.

In order to attain these awards, athletes must shoot specific rounds recognised and listed in Archery Australia’s classification table and/or World Archery rules during that calendar year. The rounds must be shot a minimum of three times at QREs or tournament events with all scores equalling to or higher than the required rating levels.

Rating levels are listed in Archery Australia’s rating table and Score Index software which is available online in the Archers diary.

The ANSW recorder will monitor the performance of the archers throughout the Calendar year and those who have attained Elite classification status will be recognised for their achievements at the State Presentation Night at no cost to the archer.

A full list will be published in January every year for Elite Class Levels in each discipline.

While COVID-19 restrictions are easing across NSW, our archery clubs are not back to normal just yet. Please contact the clubs for more information on their restrictions.