Youth Series Leaderboard

The youth series uses a weighted handicap system with a fairly complex formula which is designed to even out the playing field.

The first round results were based on everyone’s floating rating (handicap) for target which is either based on your last 12 months or up to your last 10 shoots. We had to use target ratings, because for some that had never shot field archery before, they would have a massive handicap, hence why we used target ratings which everyone had.

We had read out the results at the event, after heavily scrutinising the formula to make sure it was accurate, some placings may have changed from those that were announced. Archers that shoot well above their rating will of course place higher and that is something to strive for.
And those that had a large handicap who shot well over their rating may not have such a large lead next time because ratings can increase!
The youth series works on a points system. For every event that you take part in, your placing will earn you points. These points will be added together and at the end of the year will determine who the top three in each division are!
We also made a decision based on the first round that the end trophy will not be a male/female trophy because out of some of the age classes, the girls did better than the boys! However there is a clear delineation between compound and recurve archers. So the final trophies will be 1st place Compound and first place Recurve.
We would also like to stress that the youth series is a friendly competition. It isn’t just about winning, it is about taking part, engaging in the spirit of competing, being sportsmanlike, trying new archery disciplines, making friends, hanging out with friends, and enjoying archery as a sport.

I would encourage all youth archers archers to take part in the series and I would like to thank Kelvin Heath, Vice President Membership, Archery NSW for writing the spreadsheet to enable us to correctly calculate the result.

Download current leaderboard here