Reopening NSW Archery Clubs

Archery NSW is pleased to announce it supports the reopening of NSW clubs from this Friday (May 16) with some restrictions.

On Sunday, May 10, NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, announced COVID-19 restrictions would be eased across NSW starting from Friday, May 16. This included outdoor gatherings of up to 10 people and the use of outdoor equipment with caution. 

We encourage clubs to review Government guidelines and consider the safety of their archers, and contact their local Council/land holder for advice, before making the decision to reopen. Please note, clubs maintain the right to not open if they decide it is not safe for their community.

Guidelines to Follow when Reopening 

  • To help with 1.5 m physical distancing procedures:
    • An archer cannot touch another archer’s equipment
    • Only one archer per target, unless they are of the same household
    • Only every second lane should be in use to further encourage physical distancing
    • No field archery is permitted unless in groups of one archer per target
    • Clubhouses should not be open, unless they are needed to access toilets
    • A roster should be established, through a program such as Archery’s Diary, to ensure large groups do not occur
  • Only outdoor club activity can operate, no indoor archery activities are currently permitted.
  • Hand sanitiser should be made available at each club.
  • Archers should practice safe hygiene at all times, including washing hands for at least 20 seconds before and after any archery activity.
  • No archery tournaments, QRE’s or planned events are currently permitted (excluding online shooting competitions).
  • Do not hang around on the club grounds, once shooting or maintenance is finished you should leave
  • Parents/guardians are allowed to stay on the range to supervise children, however they must adhere to the physical distancing measures
  • The responsibility lies with individual Archery Club and members to ensure they are fully aware of and compliant with their own State Government legislation, Federal Government Legislation and any RGB advice. 

Additional Information

As NSW works its way through the COVID-19 Response plan and into Stage 2, Archery NSW will release a new set of guidelines that follow further relaxing of measures for clubs to follow. 

For the safety of archers and the whole community, clubs along with Archery NSW, reserve the right to suspend an individual’s membership if they are putting the safety of others at risk. 

Our priority is the safety and well being of our whole community. Small numbers of COVID-19 cases can grow rapidly and we do not want archery to contribute to a second wave. Please follow the guidelines above when reopening clubs. 

Archery NSW encourages archers to download the COVIDSafe app however we respect the choice of individual archers in doing so. You can download it here

Visit NSW Health for current COVID-19 information. 

NSW Competition Rescheduling 

Archery NSW is working with clubs in order to reschedule state level competitions include the State Short Course along with Grand Prix  #1, #2 and #3. We will continue to work with clubs in order to reschedule competitions when the calendar allows. Currently there is no fixed date for when competitions will resume and therefore these events may need to be cancelled outright dependent on how the COVID-19 situation progresses.  

While COVID-19 restrictions are easing across NSW, our archery clubs are not back to normal just yet. Please contact the clubs for more information on their restrictions.