NSW Success At Australian Open And National Matchplay Series Finals

Victor Harbor, SA, turned on some beautiful weather for the 2020 Australian Open (February 20-22) and National Matchplay Series Final (February 23). There was a contingent of 18 archers from NSW who ventured to SA for the National Tournament.

Offering the only national level matchplay experience, the Australian Open is a very anticipated tournament. As an Olympic year, this Australian Open was even more exciting.

After the qualification round, we had 3 archers in the top 3 across the 4 divisions. Jonathon Milne was sitting in 3rd for the Compound Men with a 694, Alyssa Mollema was sitting in 2nd for Compound Women with a 665 and Kim Lavender was sitting in 3rd for Recurve Women with a 605.

With some very strong matchplay archers across Australia, it made going into Day 2 very exciting to watch. The Australian Open is the only national competition were archers can compete in individual as well as teams matchplay.

Australian Open Results for NSW Archers


Compound Women
1st - Alyssa Mollema (NSW - Cessnock)

Recurve Women
2nd - Kim Lavender (NSW - SOPA)


Compound Men
1st - 2 1/2 Men - Jonathon Milne (NSW -SOPA) along with Bailey Wildman and Scott Brice

Compound Women
1st - The Spud Squad - Alyssa Mollema (NSW- Cessnock) along with Tazmin Forrest and Ailani Cox)
2nd - The Three R's - Katrina Robinson (NSW - SOPA), Elizabeth Randle and Rhiannon Mills

Recurve Women
1st -  New Kids on the Block - Belinda Maxworthy (NSW - Northern) along with Alice Ingley and Laura Paeglis)
2nd - KLM - Kim Lavender (NSW - SOPA), Laura Trezise (NSW - SOPA) and Melissa Spinocchia (NSW - SOPA)

National Matchplay Series Final Results for NSW Archers

Compound Men
1st - Jonathon Milne (NSW - SOPA)

Compound Women
3rd - Alyssa Mollema (NSW - Cessnock)

Recurve Women
1st - Melissa Spinocchia  (NSW - SOPA)
2nd - Belinda Maxworthy (NSW - Northern Archers)
3rd - Kim Lavender (NSW - SOPA)

While COVID-19 restrictions are easing across NSW, our archery clubs are not back to normal just yet. Please contact the clubs for more information on their restrictions.