COVID-19 Update: Clubs can reopen

NSW Office Of Sport Update Friday 8 October, 2021

Following announcements over the past 48 hours regarding changes to restrictions from Monday 11 October 2021, the Public Health (COVID-19 General) Amendment (No 1) Order 2021 has now been published.

The Office of Sport will continue to liaise with NSW Health regarding the roadmap and changes to restrictions that govern the sport and recreation sector.

Further advice will be provided to the sector should amendments to the PHO be made over the weekend.

Relevant for the sport and recreation sector are the following items:

Outdoor Sport and Exercise Gatherings Sizes remains at 20 people

  • The limits for outdoor sport and exercise gatherings (Clause 2.13) remains at 20 fully vaccinated people (or children under 16 years of age).
Indoor Pools
  • Clause 2.2. has been amended to allow indoor pools to conduct swimming classes, lap swimming, squad training or rehabilitation activities only.
Entering or leaving Greater Sydney
  • Clause 6.5A has been added, stating that a person must not enter or leave Greater Sydney without a reasonable excuse. Under Clause 6.5A(2)b), this clarifies that exercise or outdoor recreation does not classify as a reasonable excuse.
  • Clause 6.6 has been amended to state that people cannot travel outside of Greater Sydney for a holiday or to undertake recreation.
Vaccination requirements for regional workers
  • Clause 2.18 (4A) has been added to enable a person that lives outside Greater Sydney, Central Coast Wollongong and Shellharbour LGAs to work at a premises detailed in Clause 2.18 if they have received one dose of the COVID-19 vaccination.
  • This clause expires on 1 November 2021 (i.e. worker will need to be fully vaccinated from 1 November onwards).
Other Information – Vaccination Compliance
We have received numerous requests seeking information and guidance about the enforcement of vaccination compliance.

The Department of Customer Service has a dedicated page outlining information for businesses and organisations:

Of note, the following advice on the website may assist clubs and associations about what to do if a person attending their gathering refuses to provide proof of vaccination:

Can businesses force an unvaccinated customer to leave the premises?
There are public health orders in place that require a person to be vaccinated in certain indoor areas and public outdoor gatherings in NSW, unless an exemption applies.
If the occupier of the premises believes that a person does not have a valid exemption, the occupier can ask the person to leave the premises. If the person refuses, the occupier of the premises can notify the police.