COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

In recent days, the COVID-19 situation has changed rapidly. Archery NSW has closely been monitoring the development of COVID-19 to understand its potential impact on our community.
Ensuring the ongoing health of our clubs, archers, coaches, families, spectators and the health of the whole archery community is our utmost importance.
On the advice of NSW Health, Archery Australia and the Office of Sport, we will continue to host tournaments in the short term. On Sunday 15 March, NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard made an Order under Section 7 of the Public Health Act 2010 to force the immediate cancellation of major events with more than 500 people. As archery is a relatively small sport, most of our competitions will be well under this number. We are closely monitoring the situation and if things change it is likely tournaments in the future will need to be cancelled or postponed.  We will also be guided by the policies of our governing body,  Archery Australia.
To ensure the continued safety of our archery community, we will be enforcing the following:
  •  If you have any flu like symptoms or have had any in the last 2 weeks, please don't attend any tournaments or shoot at your local club
  • If you or someone you have had close contact with has been overseas in the last 2 weeks, please do not attend any tournaments or shoot at your local club
  • If you are exhibiting flu like symptoms, you will be immediately asked to leave any Archery NSW tournaments. Local clubs may also ask you to leave
  • Do not touch any equipment that is not your own, this includes pulling out arrows
Please also remember to regularly wash your hands or use antibacterial hand sanitiser. We also recommend packing your own food and water and ensuring you are not sharing to minimise potential spread.
NSW clubs are encouraged to evaluate their own precautions to minimise the risk but are reminded to follow the advise of NSW Health.
Archers are reminded that if they do not feel comfortable attending events to let the organisers know.
Archery NSW will continue to monitor the situation and make further decisions based on guidance by NSW Health, Archery Australia and the Office of Sport.

While COVID-19 restrictions are easing across NSW, our archery clubs are not back to normal just yet. Please contact the clubs for more information on their restrictions.