All NSW State Level Competitions Cancelled For 2020

Archery NSW has made the difficult and heartbreaking decision to cancel all state level events for the rest of the 2020 due to the ever evolving COVID-19 situation.
This event cancelled includes:
  • State Target (scheduled for 8-9 August)
  • State Field (scheduled for 12-13 September)
  • State Clout (scheduled for 1-2 November)
  •  All Grand Prix Events
The safety of our whole community is our number priority and was at the forefront of our decision. A number of other factors also were considered:
  • The COVID-19 hotspots appearing in NSW and therefore the uncertainty further restrictions being put in place, such as travel across the state
  • Ability for host clubs to cater for all archers while being appropriately socially distance for the duration of the events
  • Archery Australia currently not allowing for any competitions to be registered
These are just some of the factors that influence our tough decision. We hope this will also ease the burden on host clubs who have all had a difficult time over the last few months.

This will be disappointing news for many archers however we are planning great things for 2021.

We are currently working with Archery Australia for when QREs can be held again. Archery NSW will notify our community once we have more of an understanding of the situation.
In the meantime, happy shooting and stay safe.

Information For Clubs 

As of July 1, a Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order (No 4) 2020 has come into effect.

The following requirements for a community sporting activity (indoors or outdoors) that involves a gathering of more than 20 participants:

  • The gathering must not exceed a total of 500 participants, which includes:
    • person engaged in the sporting activity, and
    • an official (including a volunteer) involved in the conduct or organisation of the sporting activity, and
    • spectator of the sporting activity.
  • The organiser must:
    • develop and comply with a COVID-19 Safety Plan that addresses the matters required by the COVID-19 safety checklist available on the website, and
    • keep a copy of the COVID-19 Safety Plan and make it available for inspection by an authorised officer as requested.

Community sporting activity organisers may need to consider measures that may need to be implemented to adhere to the Public Health Order requirements. Some suggestions include:

  • Limiting the number of fields / courts operating simultaneously at a venue or facility.
  • Allowing additional time between training sessions and matches to ensure there are no more than 500 people onsite at any one time.
  • Encourage participants not to spend additional time at the venue outside of their match and training activities - ‘Turn Up, Participate, Leave’
  • For junior sports, encourage only one parent/carer to accompany their child to the community sporting activity for the purpose of supervision.

Community sport organisations are strongly encouraged to review the Public Health Order to ensure that are complying with the requirements.

Shared community sport facilities

Some community sport facilities may cater for several sports, for example multiple football fields located next to multiple netball courts in a single outdoor precinct.

In this case, each organised activity is permitted up to 500 participants, as long as the people from the respective activities are not interacting with each other. 

Each organised activity must have its own allocated common facilities (including changerooms, toilets and canteen areas) to ensure participants from both activities are not interacting.

Community sport organisations should discuss how this can be facilitated with their venue owner/operator.

While COVID-19 restrictions are easing across NSW, our archery clubs are not back to normal just yet. Please contact the clubs for more information on their restrictions.