2022 Oceania Challenge

The Oceania Challenge is an online tournament to engage our Member Associations in competitive shooting.It is open to members of all current financial WAO Member Associations. Members who study or work in a country other than their own may compete for their home country, as long as they hold a passport for their country or are affiliated with their country.

The competition will be shot on individual club grounds, there is no need to organise a national event. However, if it is feasible MAs may do so and use this as their national championships, if no other event has been organised.

Each host club chooses one or more suitable dates during the months of May/June 2022. Participants may compete more than once but only one result may be submitted.

For all rounds archers will shoot 5 ends of 6 arrows at each of the three distances on a 122cm face. Each end takes 4 minutes = 40 seconds per arrow.

  • Short Round (for people shooting Recurve, Compound or Barebow who have been in
    archery for 12 months or less or have never shot further than 40m):
  • Modified WA 900 Round: 30 arrows shot from each of the 40m, 30m, 20m distances on
    a 122cm target face. Also known as Junior Canberra Round.
  • Barebow Round (for everybody else shooting Barebow):
  • Barebow WA 900 Round: 30 arrows shot from each of the 50m, 40m, 30m distances on
    a 122cm target face. Also known as Short Canberra Round.
  • Long Round (for everybody else shooting Recurve and Compound):WA 900 Round: 30 arrows shot from each of the 60m, 50m, 40m distances on a 122cm
    target face. Also known as Canberra Round.

This is based on an honour system, and we expect participants to enter the round that applies for them. Clubs are expected to check that their members have enteres the correct round.


  • Under 18s (born in 2005 or later): male/female – Recurve, Compound, Barebow
  • Under 21s (born in 2002, 2003, 2004): male/female – Recurve, Compound, Barebow
  • Open (born in 2001 or earlier): male/female – Recurve, Compound, Barebow

WAO will not charge individual entrants or Member Associations, however individual clubs may charge a nominal entry fee to cover the cost of target faces.

Certificates for 1st, 2nd and 3rd
Method for registration and submission of results:

  • There is no pre-registration with WAO required.
  • Scoring can either be done electronically or on paper (scoresheet attached).
  • Individual clubs will send their results to their national federation.
  • Each MA will collate these results and record the scores on the spreadsheet that has been provided by WAO
  • After the end of June each MA will forward their scores to the WAO Secretary General to be collated to determine the placings in each category. Scores must be submitted by 5pm NZL time on Friday 15 July 2022 to be included.

If you are requiring any other assistance please contact Patsy Vercoe WAO secretary General secretary@worldarcheryoceania.org