2020 Grants

In 2020, the Archery Society of New South Wales was pleased to award a variety of clubs grants with the help of Sport NSW.


Marketing Grants

In May 2020 - ArcheryNSW sent out a broadcast encouraging clubs to apply for a marketing grant
which has been offset against items such as:
• Advertisements for Come N’ Try & Beginners Courses
• Club Banners
• Archery Kits for schools
• Flyers and Business Cards
• Website Upgrades
• Promotional Gazebos, Sun Shelters, Club Advertisements in local newspapers
• Club Signage,.
Regional Funds from Sport NSW has been used for some of these purchases.

Marketing Grants paid to date

Regional Clubs:

  • Westlakes Archers $471.88
  • Armidale Archers $550.00
  • Mountain Archers $350.00
  • Dalton District Archers $495.00
  • Coast Archers $990.00
  • Total $2858.88

Metropolitan clubs

  • Bondi Achars $500.00
  • Shirewood Forest Archers $500.00
  • Warringah Archers $500.00
  • St. George Archers $429.0
  • Sydney Olympic Park Archers 500.00
  • Newcastle City Archers $500.00
  • Penrith City Archers $500.00
  • Total $3429.00

Archery NSW is looking at a second round of applications, CLICK HERE for clubs to apply.
Clubs who have already received a grant are not eligible for the second intake

Grassroots Sports Fund

Through the Sport NSW Grassroots Sport Fund some $12.5 million was provided as a one-off grant of up to $1,000 to around 12,500 eligible local clubs and associations across the State to assist them when community sport resumes from 1 July 2020.

The Fund was administered by the Office of Sport through SSOs and SSODs who will be sup-ported to assess the eligibility of their affiliated clubs and associations and make payments to eligible clubs and associations.

The Fund will assist organisations with fixed costs incurred between March and June 2020, where they have not already received financial assistance or relief from local, state or Commonwealth governments or others.

Payments to local clubs and associations can be used for the fixed costs such as insurances, power, telephone and internet, fixed vehicle or equipment costs (lease, registration), and other base operating costs including affiliation fees, EFTPOS and banking fees and IT support arrangements and essential equipment.

We are pleased to advise that the following clubs took advantage of these grants totalling $17K:

  • Westlakes Archers Inc
  • Penrith City Archers
  • Coast Archers
  • Southern Highlands Archers
  • Newcastle City Archers Inc
  • Shirewood Forest Archers
  • Bondi Archers
  • Liverpool City Archers Inc.
  • Warringah Archers Inc
  • Illawarra Archers Inc
  • Bathurst Archers Inc
  • Dalton District Archers
  • SOPA Inc
  • Sydney Bowmen Archery Club Inc
  • Shoalhaven Archers
  • St George Archers
  • Mountain Archers

While COVID-19 restrictions are easing across NSW, our archery clubs are not back to normal just yet. Please contact the clubs for more information on their restrictions.