2019 Presentation Night

On Saturday Night. Archery NSW celebrated the achievements of it's archery community at the 2019 Presentation Night.

We had some very strong performances in 2019 and it was a privilege to be able to honour the hard work and effort of our archers.

See the full results from the Presentation Night below:

Metropolitan Championships

Teams Event – made up of 3 archers all shooting the same equipment, one of which must be a female.

Date: 6-7 April, 2019

 Compound: Maryka Zawadeckyj, Sho Tzin Shim, Hassy Sfar. 3,398 Pts.

Recurve: Nicholas Kyriazis, Tayla King, Eddie Upston. 3,278 Pts.

Lorraine Cook Memorial Trophy

Lorraine Cook was a member of Illawarra Archers who died after an illness. This trophy is awarded to the most improved archer regardless of age. Clubs are asked to nominate archers according to set criteria on the “Deed of Gift”. This trophy was first presented in 1989.

Winner: Braveyn Tse (SOPA)

Janet Wilks Memorial Trophy – Veteran of the Year

Janet Wilks was a member of Ku-ring-gai Bowmen. Legend had it that she loved to shoot clout. Janet worked as a nurse at Royal North Shore Hospital. The trophy is awarded to the Veteran of the Year and was first presented in 1994 by her family shortly after her death.

Winner: Craig Williams (Ku-Ring-Gai Bowmen)

State Indoor

Hosted: Liverpool City Archers
Date: 20-21 July, 2019

Perpetual Trophy for Outright winners awarded to the archer who has obtained the highest score in the following disciplines regardless of age.

Male Recurve (#1): Eddie Upston (Sydney Olympic Park Archers) – Score: 1130
Female Recurve (#2): Melissa Spinocchia (SOPA) – Score: 1097
Male Compound (#3):  Jonathon Milne (SOPA) – Score: 1188
Female Compound (#4): Alyssa Mollema (CTA) – Score: 1156

State Field

Hosted: Armidale Archers
Date: 14-15 September, 2019

Perpetual Trophy for Outright winners awarded to the archer who has obtained the highest score in the following disciplines from the red peg

Male Recurve (#5): Michael Larven (LCA) – Score: 625
Female Recurve (#6): Laura Trezise (SOPA) – Score: 566
Male Compound (#7): Brian Politis (ILL) – Score: 764
Female Compound (#8): Katrina Robinson (SOPA) – Score: 694

Archery Australia Elite Classifications 2019 – Field

Field Elite Bronze

  • Michael Fisher – Illawarra Archers
  • Josie Hatch – Armidale Archers
  • Brodie Hatch – Armidale Archers
  • John Hester – Cessnock Target Archers
  • Fiona Hyde – Illawarra Archers

Field Elite Silver

  • Dennis Carson – Armidale Archers
  • Jonathon Milne – SOPA
  • David Rowson – Burilda Archers

Field Elite Gold:

  • Mitchell Campbell – Penrith City Archers
  • Alyssa Mollema – Cessnock Target Archers

State Target Championships

Hosted: Penrith City Archers
Date: 31 August – 1 September, 2019


Perpetual Trophy for Overall Junior Boy Target Champion (Tony Marturano Memorial Trophy) 

Trophy presented by the Bridges family in 2009 to honour the memory of Tony Marturano a Paralympian. Tony was also a coach and he competed in numerous tournaments until his death in early 2009.

Winner: Giorgio Vasiliades (SOPA) – Score: 1318

 Perpetual Trophy for Overall Junior Girl Target Champion (Grace Drake Memorial Trophy) 

Grace, along with husband Laurie were founders of the sport of archery in NSW. They set up the NSW Archery Society which in 1946 became known as Sydney Bowmen. In 1948 Grace and her husband formed ArcheryNSW.

She was the first National Women’s Champion in both Field and Target at the inaugural championships held in Sydney in 1948.

The perpetual shield was first awarded to the Junior Girl Recurve Target Champion in 1997 to commemorate Grace’s contribution to archery.

Winner:  Ammrutha Vashetharan (SOPA) – Score: 1321


Perpetual Trophy for Outright winners awarded to the archer who has obtained the highest score in the following disciplines in the Senior Competition.

Male Recurve (#13): Nicholas Kyriazis (SOPA) – Score: 1237
Female Recurve (#14): Kim Lavender (SOPA) – Score: 1228
Male Compound (#15): Jonathon Milne (SOPA) – Score: 1376
Female Compound (#16): Fiona Hyde (ILL) – Score: 1338

Archery Australia Elite Classification – Target

Target Elite Bronze

  • Matilda Thomas – Newcastle City Archers
  • Brodie Hatch – Armidale Archers
  • Victor Wei – SOPA
  • Carmelo Aslanidis – Warringah Archers
  • Jamie Hatch – Armidale Archers
  • Taya King – SOPA
  • Maryka Zawadeckyj – SOPA
  • Tyrone Digby – Northern Archers of Sydney
  • Ella-Rose Carson – Armidale Archers
  • Dennis Carson – Armidale Archers
  • Jeffrey Carson – Armidale Archers
  • Sarah Jordan – Northern Archers of Sydney
  • Nicholas Kyriazis – SOPA
  • Katrina Robinson – SOPA
  • Hassy Sfar – SOPA
  • Shim Sho Tsin – SOPA
  • David Rowson – Burilda Archers
  • Felicity Baxter – Northern Archers of Sydney
  • Jack C-McLean – Warringah Archers
  • Peter Boukouvalas – SOPA
  • Michael Fisher – Illawarra Archers
  • Mathew Page – Northern Archers of Sydney
  • Mark Sim – Coast Archers
  • Kim Lavender – (SOPA)
  • Andrew LeBrocq’ – Frog Hollow Archers

Target Elite Silver

  • John Mollema – Cessnock Target Archers
  • Hassy Sfar – SOPA
  • Vincent Guilia – Coffs Coast Archers
  • Giorgio Vasiliades – SOPA
  • Anthony Allan – Coast Archers
  • Todd Boyle – PCA
  • John Hester – Cessnock Target Archers
  • Scott Buscombe – Coast Archers
  • Josie Hatch – Armidale Archers
  • Kirk Graef – Coast Archers
  • Chevyone Cheah – SOPA
  • David Shelton – Penrith
  • Clinton Wright – SOPA
  • Josie Hatch – ARM
  • Katrina Robinson - SOPA

Target Elite Gold

  • Mitchell Campbell – Penrith City Archers
  • Jonathon Milne – SOPA
  • Madeline Boyle – Penrith City Archers
  • Eddie Upston – SOPA
  • Fiona Hyde – Illawarra Archers
  • Ammrutha Vashetharan – SOPA
  • Alyssa Mollema – Cessnock Target Archers
  • Eva Norton – Penrith City Archers
  • Branden Tse – SOPA
  • Henry Malin – SOPA

President’s Cup

The Presidents Cup was first awarded in 1997 by then President, Robert Armstrong.

The trophy was to encourage clubs to participate in the state target championships and is awarded for the highest aggregate score of all registered members with a single club of ASNSW at the State Target Championships, this includes Open / Junior & Veteran events

Winner: SOPA – 49, 253 points

Kerry Sykes Memorial Trophy

This awards is “Judges Thank You Service Award”, clubs are invited to vote for one Judge only. The winner is the Judge with the highest number of votes

Winner: David Robertson (Coast Archers)

State Clout Championships

Hosted: Northern Archers of Sydney
|Date: 20 October, 2019

Perpetual Trophy for Outright winners awarded to the archer who has obtained the highest score in the following disciplines shooting off the following distances:

Male Recurve (#9): Victor Wei (SOPA) – Score: 562
Female Recurve (#10): Laura Trezise (NAS) – Score: 587
Male Compound (#11): Kirk Graef (CA) – Score: 651
Female Compound (#12): Joanne Riley (NAS) – Score: 611

Archery Australia Elite Classifications – Clout

Elite Bronze

  • Ammrutha Vashetharan – SOPA
  • Mitchell Campbell – Penrith City Archers
  • Kirk Graef – Coast Archers
  • Branden Tse – SOPA

Elite Silver

  • Brenton Neuschulz – Cessnock Target Archers

All-Round Trophies

Points are awarded for placings gained in State Tournaments – Field, Target, Clout and Indoor.


Male All-Round Recurve Champion (#30): Victor Wei (SOPA)
Female All-Round Recurve Champion (#31): Melissa Spinocchia (SOPA)
Most Proficient Lady Recurve Archer Trophy (#32): not contested
Male All-Round Compound Champion (#33): Jonathon Milne (SOPA)
Female All-Round Compound Champion (#34): Katrina Robinson (SOPA)


Best All-Round Male Master Recurve (#40): Michael Larven (BEL)
Best All-Round Female Master Recurve (#41): Saskia James (SOPA)
Best All-Round Male Master Compound (#42): John Hester (CA)
Best All-Round Female Master Compound (#43): Kerry Heath (CA)

 Male All-Round Long-bow - Andy Firth Memorial Trophy

This trophy is awarded for the highest aggregate score of Target, Field, Clout and Indoor.
Winner: Kevin Girard (PCA)

Veterans / Veterans+

This the first time, Archery NSW has awarded this award.

Best All-Round Veteran Male Recurve (#45A): Noel Billyard (NAoS)
Best All-Round Veteran Female Recurve (#45B): Tracey Hansford (SOPA)
Best All-Round Veteran Male Compound (#46A): Allan Prestidge (PCA)
Best All-Round Veteran Female Compound (#46B): Joanne Riley (PCA)

 Junior Highest Aggregate Scores Per Age Group

This trophy is awarded for the highest aggregate score of Target, Field, Clout and Indoor.

 Under 20 & Under 17 Age Groups

Overall Junior Boy Recurve (Les Jones Memorial Trophy) (#19): Jack Chambers-McLean (Warringah)
Overall Junior Girl Recurve (#20): Laura Trezise (SOPA)
Overall Junior Boy Compound (Troy Adams Memorial Trophy) (#21): Brodie Hatch (Armidale)
Overall Junior Girl Compound (Troy Adams Memorial Trophy) (#22): Alyssa Mollema (CTA)

 Troy Adams was a junior member of Penrith City Archers.

Troy was tragically killed in a car accident in 1985 on his way to a tournament. During his brief archery career he was a state representative, state team captain and Australian representative. The trophies were awarded to the Overall State Champion Junior Boy & Girl Compound in 1985 by the NSW junior archers in memory of Troy.

 Best All-round Intermediate Recurve (Arthur Chapman Trophy) (#23): Katherine Thomas (Penrith)

Best All-round Intermediate Compound (#24): Mitchell Campbell (Penrith)

Arthur Chapman owned a sports store in Rockdale in the 1950’s and 60’s and was a major supplier of archery equipment. His son Gary was a swimmer who won a bronze medal at the Melbourne Olympics in 1956. The trophy was first awarded in 1962 to the Best All-round Intermediate Recurve Archer.

Best All-round Under 12 Competitor (#25): Josie Hatch (ARM)


Junior Highest Aggregate Scores Overall

This award is given to the highest aggregate scores for Junior archers i.e. cubs vs under 20

Best All-Round Junior Boy Recurve (#28): Branden Tse (SOPA) – Score: 3610
Best All-Round Junior Girl Recurve (#29): Ammrutha Vashetharan (SOPA) – Score: 3604
|Best All-Round Junior Boy Compound (#26): Mitchell Campbell (Penrith) – Score: 3953
Best All-Round Junior Girl Compound (#27): Josie Hatch (Armidale) – Score: 3792

All presented by CCS Pty Limited, owned by Malcolm Fear.

Malcolm and his son Jackson participated in archery for many years. Jackson broke many Australian records and in 1994 scored a perfect Australian Indoor. In 1996 he was Junior World Champion and broke an Olympic record in the Teams Matchplay at Atlanta. Malcolm died tragically in 2005 and Jackson one year later.

The four marble trophies were first awarded in 1991 to Best All-Round Junior Boys & Girls.

Ross Herron Memorial Shield

Ross Herron was a founding member of the Archery Society of NSW. Every time a club member places within a NSW competition, as per AA rules – points are awarded to Clubs. This award goes to the club with the highest score.

Winner: SOPA – 516 points.

Australian Team Representatives

Trans-Tasman 2019

Date: 7-11 July, 2019
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Team Australia was warmly welcomed by the kiwis. Overall the weather conditions during Trans-Tasman were cold and windy with rain making the competition extremely challenging. Nevertheless, our team members were great at handling the conditions and never gave up. They just gave their very best.

We enjoyed the friendliness and hospitality of the host. Many new friendships were established from this tournament.

 NSW Team Representatives:  

  • Larua Trezise (SOPA)
  • Carmelo Aslanidis (Warringah)
  • Ammrutha Vashetharan (SOPA)
  • Brodie Hatch (Armidale)
  • Elizabeth Parington (SOPA)
  • Jack Chambers-McLean (Warringah)
  • Chevyone Cheah (SOPA)
  • Jamie Hatch (Armidale)
  • Isabella Mavlian (SOPA)
  • Henry Malin (SOPA)
  • Josie Hatch (Armidale)
  • Branden Tse (SOPA)
  • Ammrutha Vashetharan (SOPA)

Trans-Tasman Team Matchplay Results

 Division 1 Recurve
1st - Laura Trezise (SOPA), Elizabeth Parington (SOPA) and Isabella Mavlian (SOPA)
3rd - Carmelo Aslanidis (Warringah), Jaymie Wood (SQAS) and Chevyone Cheah (SOPA)

Division 2 Recurve
2nd - Tian Mortimer (VIC), Ammrutha Vashetharan (SOPA), Branden Tse (SOPA)

Trans-Tasman Individual Matchplay Results

 Division 1 Female Recurve
1st - Chevyone Cheah (SOPA)
3rd - Elizabeth Parrington (SOPA)

Division 2 Male Recurve
2nd - Branden Tse (SOPA)
3rd - Jamie Hatch (Armidale)

Division 2 Female Recurve
1st - Ammrutha Vashetharan (SOPA)

Division 2 Male Compound
1st - Josie Hatch (Armidale)

World Cup #2

Date: 6-12 May, 2019

Location: Shanghai, China

Archery NSW Representatives: Belinda Maxworthy (Northern) and Victor Wei (SOPA)

Crossbow World Championships

Location: Germany

Archery NSW Representatives: Adrian Downes (Coast Archers)

World Championships

Date: 3-16 June, 2019

NSW Representatives: Jonathon Milne (SOPA), Ameera Christina Lee (SOPA) and Belinda Maxworthy (Northern)

Results: Jonathon managed to secure Australia a spot for the 2020 Paralympics during this competition.

Summer University Games

Date: 9-12 July, 2020

Location:  Napoli, Italy

NSW Representatives: Belinda Maxworthy

Asia Cup #2

 Date: 1-7 August, 2019
Location: Taipei City, Chinese Taipei
Archery NSW Representatives: Victor Wei (SOPA), Belinda Maxworthy (Northern) and Tayla King (SOPA)

Medals: Women’s Recurve (Belinda, Tayla along with Alice Ingley) secure the silver medal. This the best achievement for a female recurve team in Australia’s history. Congratulations ladies!

World Youth Championships

Date:  19-25 August, 2019
Location: Madrid, Spain
Archery NSW Representatives: Madeline Boyle (Penrith), Alyssa Mollema (Cessnock)

 Alyssa won the bronze medal in the mixed team compound event with SA archer, Rory Blake. Congratulations!

Asia Cup # 3

Date: 8-15 September, 2019
Location: Clark City, Philippines
Archery NSW Representative: Hassy Sfar (SOPA), David Shelton (Penrith), Peter Boukoulavalas (SOPA), Joanna Murray (SOPA), Melissa Spinocchia (SOPA), Kim Lavender (SOPA)

Results: Compound Men’s Team (David, Hassy along with Jersey Liu from Victoria) won the gold medal in the teams event. A fantastic and historical achievement.

2020 Tokyo Olympic/Paralympic Qualifying Scores

As an Olympic year, we have many archers training hard to earn a spot on the Australian Olympic Team. For many, this is years and years of training.

For those that don’t know, Australia has to win quota spots for the Olympics. The person who wins the spot is not always selected to then represent Australia at the Olympics.

We would now like to acknowledge the archers who shot scores nomination scores to potential make the  Olympics and Paralympics later this year in Tokyo.


Olympics Paralympics
Belinda Maxworthy (Northern) Jonathon Milne (SOPA)
Melissa Spinocchia (SOPA) Marek Steiner (SOPA)
Ameera Christina Lee (SOPA)
Imalia Oktrininda (SOPA)


We would like to wish all of these archers the best of luck over the next few months. Ricci Cheah, National Para Archery Head Coach has a tough few months ahead of him as well, best of luck.

2019 Grand Prix Series

 The Archery NSW Grand Prix Series was a big success in 2019. Archery NSW’s aim was to expose archers of all divisions to match play to prepare them for National and International tournaments. Thank you to all clubs who hosted events across 2019, you are really helping improve the quality of our archers.

Individual Male Compound

  1. Peter Marchant
  2. Hassy Sfar
  3. Mitchell Campbell

Individual Female Compound

  1. Saskia Boe
  2. Katrina Robinson
  3. Eva Norton

Individual Male Recurve

  1. Branden Tse
  2. Darren Candra
  3. Henry Malin

Individual Female Recurve

  1. Melissa Spinocchia
  2. Maja Kecskes
  3. Kim Lavender

 Archery NSW Sports Person of the Year 2019


Recurve Cub Boys: Branden Tse
Recurve Cub Girls: Ammrutha Vashetharan
Compound Cub Girls: Josie Hatch
Compound Cub Boys: James Parker
Barebow Recurve Cub Boys: Darren Candra
Barebow Recurve Cub Girls: Dari Mollart


Recurve Cadet Men: Jack Chambers-McLean
Recurve Cadet Women: Ella-Rose Carson
Compound Cadet Men: Ayden Crosdale
Compound Cadet Women: Elise Kayla Grech


Recurve Intermediate Girls: Katherine Thomas
Recurve Intermediate Boys: Jamie Hatch
Compound Intermediate Boys: Mitchell Campbell
Compound Intermediate Girls: Eva Norton
Barebow Recurve Intermediate Boys: Braveyn Tse
Barebow Recurve Intermediate Girls: Julia Johnston


Recurve Junior Women: Laura Trezise
Recurve Junior Men: Nathaniel Atkinson
Compound Junior Women: Amber Cook
Compound Junior Men: Brodie Hatch
Barebow Recurve Junior Men: Adam Leung
Longbow Junior Men: Kun Ho Lim  


Recurve Women: Kim Lavender
Recurve Men: Nicholas Kyriazis
Compound Men: Scott Buscombe
Compound Women: Katrina Robinson
Longbow Women: Penny O’Doherty
Longbow Men: Alastair Hough
Barebow Recurve Men: Michael Fisher
Barebow Recurve Women: Karen Deer



Recurve Master Women: Saskia James
Recurve Master Male: Kelvin Heath & Michael Larven
Compound Master Men: John Hester
Compound Master Women: Kerry Heath
Longbow Master Men: Craig Williams
Longbow Master Women: Julia Wright
Barebow Recurve Master Women: Louise Mollart
Barebow Recurve Master Men: Kevin Etcell
Barebow Compound Master Men: Tony Samios


Recurve Veteran Men: Noel Billyard
Recurve Veteran Women: Tracey Hansford
Compound Veteran Women: Joanne Riley
Compound Veteran Men: Allan Prestidge
Longbow Veteran Men: Kevin Girard
Barebow Recurve Veteran Women: Marta Onslow
Barebow Compound Veteran Men: Gary Tarbrook
Barebow Recurve Veteran Men: Kevin Curran

Veterans +

Recurve Veteran + Men: Wayne Moore
Compound Veteran + Women: Kathleen Lilienthal
Compound Veteran + Men: Perry Lilienthal
Longbow Veteran + Men: Robert Sheehan & Michael Fouracre
Barebow Recurve Veteran + Women: Marilyn Clerke
Barebow Recurve Veteran + Men: Norman Lumby

While COVID-19 restrictions are easing across NSW, our archery clubs are not back to normal just yet. Please contact the clubs for more information on their restrictions.