Open Development

ANSW Team & Development Program Guidelines

The Open ANSW Development Squad Programme is designed for state level and above NSW open archers that want to improve their archery and compete in QREs and tournaments. In particular it is for archers that want to compete at the Australian National Championships. 

Being part of the development program requires commitment from yourself, and provides access to Development Days scheduled regularly throughout the year with accredited NSW Regional Coaches. They can include talks on the mental and physical aspects of the sport, form analysis and appraisal, individual development planning, individual coaching, and always include fun.

Attendance Requirements for ANSW Open Development day Program.

Be a current incumbent State Team member ( eg: 2016 State team)


Meet ANSW Tier4 qualification score
ANSW Tier 4. WA70/720 : Male Recurve 550. Female Recurve 520 OR equivalent WA/1440 score
ANSW Tier 4. WA50/720  Male Compound 600. Female compound 575. OR equivalent WA1440 score
(ANSW tier scores are be subject to change at any time, they are required to allow us to work with the current coaching resources.)


Be Talent identified and recommended by a Regional coach or higher to the ANSW Coaching Administrator for selection

ANSW Open Development Program Dates
(ANSW Development day dates are subject to change at any time. Make sure you always check the web site for updates)

2017 Dates for ANSW Open Development program days.
Cost $55/day/Archer.

25-2-17- Open Development.(Target).Venue-Penrith. Arrive 8.30am Finish 1.00pm
25-3-17- Open Development.( 2016 State Team Members Only). Venue-Northern. Arrive 8.30am Finish 1.00pm
22-4-17- Open Development.(Target). Venue-Warringah Archers Club Grounds. Arrive 8.30am Finish 1.00pm
2-07-17- Open Development.(Target). Venue-Warringah Archers Club Grounds. Arrive 8.30am Finish 1.00pm
26-8-17- Open Development.(Field). Venue-Illawarra - Times to arrive / Finish will be sent out under separate cover.  No cost for this development day
7-10-17- Open Development.(Target). Venue-Warringah Archers Club Grounds, Arrive 8.30am Finish 1.00pm

Refer to ANSW Team Selection policy.

Contact the Coaching Coordinator by emailing