Club Based Programs

Clubs affiliated with ANSW ran a range of Archery programs. These may differ slightly between clubs and not all clubs run all programs. In general programs can be grouped in to several key types:

Try Archery - an introduction to archery 1 hour +

Beginners Course - teaching people basic technique 5- 10 weeks

Club Shoot - structured event where everyone shoots the same round

Casual Shooting - range is open people shoot what they feel like

Seniors Shooting - gatherings (normally mid week) for the over 60's

Youth Development - Performance programs for archers under 20 wanting to be competitive 

Development - Performance programs for archers over 20 wanting to be competitive 

ANSW Based Programs

Archery NSW run a range of programs from time to time.

Current programs include:

Youth Development - Archers under 20 who want to be competitive